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Multireligious Dialogue of Youth

in Международные мероприятия

This is a youth exchange – young people from different countries come together to exchange ideas, opinions and experiences. It is an organized learning process with a program from 25 of January to 3 of February 2015 at Lithuania.

The topic of the exchange is multireligious dialogue of youth. The objectives of the exchange is to know much more about different religions and traditions of your countries, to understand differences and similarities of different faiths, values, believes and religions. Lithuania was a pagan nation, but now you can find almost all religions in this small country. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know more about our religions? But how are we going to do that? We will do it through discussions, workshops, trips and our own experience.
All of this in the approaches of nonformal education.

There are 6 organizations from different countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Spain and Turkey. All together 30 participants plus leaders
The venue is training center “Daugirdiškės”, Lithuania (

We expect young people from 18 to 25 years (with possible exceptions).
No special education or training required.
The participants are required to cover 30% of travel costs to and from the venue. Other necessary expenses (catering, lodging, travel, etc) are covered by the project.
The venue of the exchange is not equiped for movement challenged people
No alcohol or drugs are permitted during the whole event.

Please fill out this application form before 22nd of December to apply.

We are the project partner from Latvia – JASMA (,
In case of questions, contact Maria (, )
The project is funded by the “Erasmus+” program (